Stop Pulling Correct Alignment

    Part of what makes golf so complicated is the difficulty of performing its most basic tasks, such as lining up at the target.

    Nobody lines up improperly on purpose, of course, yet it’s a fundamental that few of us get right consistently. The eyes can lie, telling us our alignment is spot-on when it’s really not. That’s why the pros check their alignment constantly, as even a tiny miscue can lead to poor shots and unconscious swing compensations.

    If you tend to hit a lot of pulls – shots that start left and stay left for a right-handed player –confirm that you’re lined up correctly before delving into possible swing issues. The driving range is the place to check your alignment. Here’s how:

  • Choose a target, such as a yardage marker or tree.
  • Place a club on the ground pointed directly at the target.
  • Place a second club on the ground parallel to the first club.
  • The ball should go a few inches outside the first club; leave enough space to hit the ball without nicking the club.
  • Align your feet precisely with the second club; stand with your toes touching or nearly touching the shaft.
  • Place the clubhead behind the ball; align the face with the first club.
  • You’re now lined up to hit a shot just a touch right of the target.
  • Hit several shots using this visual aid. Does the ball fly at your target? If so, you’ve been lining up left, meaning your pulls aren’t really pulls at all. In fact, you’ll probably feel as though you’re lined up too far right when you’re actually aimed correctly.

    If the ball goes left when you’re lined up properly, you’ve got a different issue. You may be coming over the top, hanging back on your right side during the downswing, or failing to maintain the clubface angle at impact.

    These videos can help you fix specific problems:

    Stop Pulling – Too Much Out to In

    Stop Pulling – Don’t Lean Back

    Stop Pulling – Maintain Face Angle at Impact