Ball Above Feet – What the Swing Does 1

    A consistent, repeating swing is the goal of every golfer. But sometimes, variables can change our swing from the ground up.

    Uneven lies, where the ball is lying on the side of a slope, naturally alter your balance, posture and swing plane, as well as the club’s aim. That causes the ball to react much differently than it does on a normal swing on level ground.

    Fortunately, different lies create predictable results. First, let’s look at a shot where the ball is above the level of your feet and how it affects your swing.

    Ball Above Feet – What the Swing Does 2

    When you address a ball that’s higher than your feet, gravity pulls your weight toward the heels. You’ll probably stand more upright as well, in order to get closer to the ball without having to hit it like a baseball. Still, your swing will inevitably become flatter, or more horizontal and around the body.

    Combine these factors with a clubface that tends to point left and what do you get? A shot that starts left and curves even farther left.

    Our next tip discusses the ball’s behavior in more detail.