Golf Grip Tips to Consider

In this article about golf club grips, we have a few points that we would like to highlight. You can find those points listed below.

  • The putter is a different story when it comes to grips. The performance that you need from your putter grip is completely different from what is expected of the other 13 grips. The reason for this difference is obvious – you aren’t going to be making a full swing with your putter. You will be swinging your putter slowly, meaning it will be easy to maintain your grip. Also, you should expect a much longer useful life from a putter grip, as the putting stroke is not going to wear down the grip anywhere close to as fast as the full swing wear out the grips on your other clubs. Feel free to replace your putter grip from time to time as you wish, but know that you can get quite a long life out of a standard putter grip if you care for it properly.
  • Professional installation is valuable. Yes, it is possible to install your own golf grips. If you have the right equipment at home, you can remove and install new grips relatively quickly. With that said, for most golfers, it is going to be best to leave this job to a professional. Someone who works in a golf shop or at a golf course has likely changed hundreds of grips and will be able to handle the job with ease. As an added bonus, you might not even have to pay anything for the service. Many golf shops simply include the cost of installation in the price of the grip.
  • Winter and summer. If you are an avid golfer who plays several times per week, it is worth thinking about using two different kinds of grips based on the season. You could pick out a model that you like using during the warm summer months, and another model that you will use during the winter. Sure, this means that you’ll have to replace your grips twice per year, but you may do that anyway if you play and practice frequently. For the summer months, grips which offer plenty of friction to combat the effects of sweat are likely a good pick. When the weather cools down in the winter, you may wish to go with something softer to protect your hands from those stinging thin shots.

If you think about it for a moment, it is surprising that so many golfers overlook the importance of their grips as part of the equipment picture. The grip is the only part of the club you should be touching during the swing, so it plays a vital role in translating the movement of your swing into the movement of the club. While golf equipment can be quite expensive overall, golf grips aren’t too costly in most cases. We hope this article has pointed you in the right direction with regard to the care and replacement of your golf grips. For those who are serious about this game, playing with grips that are in good condition is an essential piece of the puzzle. Good luck!