custom fitting 2

With so many types of golf clubs and equipment available, beginners can get overwhelmed deciding what they need to start playing. The good news is, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money when you’re just learning to play golf.

While most golf courses will rent you a set of clubs for the day, all you really need is one club to use on the range. Thomas Golf provides free custom fitting for all its clubs – ensuring that clubs match your physical measurements – and sells clubs individually. In other words, you don’t have to invest in a full set right off the bat.

If you rent clubs or borrow a friend’s, make sure they are the appropriate length and weight for your body type. Practicing with clubs of the wrong length or shaft flex can create problems in your development. (Another great reason to get your clubs custom fitted through Thomas Golf). If you aren't able to acquire a club that fits you properly then find your best alternative. For instance if the club is too long for you then simply grip down some to make the club more proportional to your specifications.

For less than the price of a three-pack (sleeve) of new golf balls, you can get a bucket of driving range balls and hit dozens of practice shots. Practicing on the range will help you develop skills while saving time, money and frustration, especially when you're first learning the game.

A golf glove is another wise investment when starting out. Without a glove, you may develop blisters after hitting a few dozen shots in a row. A good golf glove will also provide extra grip on the club.

A lot of players, even beginners, also might want to look into a pair of golf shoes. Especially for players with high swing speeds, having a good grip with your feet can provide a better foundation for a solid golf swing.