What is the Next Step

So you now have all the tools it takes to get started playing the greatest game on earth. We've taken you through the swing fundamentals and how to improve your game through proper practice. You've learned about course selection and essential golf etiquette. Now its time to put all this together and start applying it to your game.

Golf can be a pretty overwhelming activity for beginners and veterans alike. However, as your confidence builds one the course, you will notice that your golf scores will begin to improve.

You can always push yourself further in the game of golf by taking on new and exciting challenges. Step outside your comfort zone by playing with new golfers whom you've never played with before. Most golf courses are happy to set you up with another group of golfers. It's a great way to take your game to the next level and even meet new people that share your passion for golf. Once you've played enough full rounds of golf, you can start to develop a handicap. Handicaps are necessary to participate in many golf tournaments and a great way to track your improvement.

If you find yourself playing a lot of golf, it may be time to look into joining a golf club. Members of golf courses get certain privileges, which include participating in member-exclusive golf tournaments and discounted rates on your rounds. Remember, the key of course is to have fun and enjoy your time on the golf course.