pulled shot pulling the ball

Pulled Shot (aka Pulling the Golf Ball)

A pulled shot, also known as pulling the golf ball, is a term used in golf to describe a shot that starts left of the target (for right-handed golfers) and continues to move further left of the intended line. It is a common problem faced by many golfers and can be frustrating if not addressed properly. Understanding the causes and implementing corrective measures can help improve your game.

A pulled shot occurs due to a swing path that travels from outside to inside the target line at impact, resulting in a shot that starts left and moves further left. The clubface can also be a contributing factor, where it is closed or pointed left of the target at impact.

  • Common causes of a pulled shot:
    • Incorrect grip: A grip that is too strong (turned too far to the right for right-handed golfers) can encourage an inside-to-outside swing path, leading to a pulled shot.
    • Overactive upper body: Excessive rotation or lateral movement of the upper body can cause the swing path to deviate, resulting in a pulled shot.
    • Weak or disconnected lower body: Inefficient use of the lower body can cause the upper body to dominate the swing, leading to a pulled shot.
    • Improper weight transfer: Failing to transfer weight onto the front foot at impact can cause the clubface to close and result in a pulled shot.

To correct a pulled shot and improve your ball-striking:

  • Check your grip: Ensure your grip is neutral, with the V's formed by your thumb and index finger pointing towards your right shoulder (for right-handed golfers).
  • Foster a smooth takeaway: Avoid excessive wrist action or picking the club up too quickly. Focus on a connected takeaway where your arms and body work together as one unit.
  • Engage your lower body: Initiate the downswing with the rotation of your hips and transfer your weight onto the front foot. This will help promote an inside-to-square swing path.
  • Maintain proper alignment: Ensure your body and clubface are aligned parallel to the intended target line. Practice aiming slightly right of the target to allow for the natural pull.
  • Work on rhythm and tempo: A rushed or jerky swing can lead to poor shot execution. Develop a smooth and consistent rhythm to improve your swing path and minimize pulled shots.

It's important to remember that correcting a pulled shot takes practice and persistence. Take the time to analyze your swing and seek professional guidance if needed. By understanding the causes and implementing the suggested corrections, you can significantly improve your ability to hit straighter shots and avoid the frustration of pulled shots on the golf course.