Plus handicap Golf Term

Golf Term: Plus Handicap

A plus handicap is a term used in golf to indicate a golfer's skill level relative to the course rating. Unlike most sports, where a lower score is considered better, in golf, a lower handicap signifies a higher level of skill. However, there are some exceptional golfers whose handicaps are so low that they are given a “plus” rating to reflect their exceptional abilities.

  • A plus handicap is given to a golfer who consistently shoots scores below the course rating.
  • It indicates that the golfer is more skilled than an average golfer with a handicap of 0 or higher.
  • The plus handicap system allows golfers to compete against each other, regardless of their skill level.
  • Golfers with plus handicaps receive strokes on certain holes, just like golfers with regular handicaps receive strokes on specific holes based on their handicap.

Let's explore in more detail what a plus handicap means and how it affects golfers:

1. Below Course Rating: A plus handicap signifies that a golfer consistently shoots scores below the course rating. The course rating is a measure of the difficulty of a golf course for a scratch golfer (a golfer with a handicap of 0). Golfers with plus handicaps typically shoot scores that are lower than the course rating, indicating their exceptional skill level.

2. Exceptional Skill: A plus handicap reflects a higher skill level than golfers with handicaps of 0 or higher. It identifies golfers who consistently shoot low scores and perform better than average golfers. These golfers often have precise shot-making abilities, excellent course management skills, and consistently perform under pressure.

3. Competing with Handicaps: The handicap system allows golfers of different skill levels to compete against each other fairly. The plus handicap system extends this fairness to highly skilled golfers. A golfer with a plus handicap can compete with golfers of handicaps 0 and higher. In competitions, the golfers' handicaps are used to adjust their scores, ensuring a level playing field.

4. Strokes Allocation: Just like golfers with regular handicaps receive strokes on specific holes based on their handicap, golfers with plus handicaps also receive strokes, but on different holes. The strokes allocation is based on the difficulty of the holes and the golfer's plus handicap. These extra strokes allow the golfer to compensate for their exceptional skills relative to the average golfer.

A plus handicap is a noteworthy achievement in the game of golf. It represents a golfer's exceptional skill level and allows them to compete against other golfers of varying abilities on an equal footing. Golfers with plus handicaps have worked hard to refine their game and consistently perform at a high level. If you ever come across a golfer with a plus handicap, you can be sure that they are someone to watch out for on the golf course!