Pitch Shot, Golf Term

Pitch Shot

A pitch shot is a golf shot that is typically played from around the green when the ball is too far to putt but too close to the hole to use a full swing. It is a delicate shot that requires accuracy and control to get the ball close to the hole.

When playing a pitch shot, the goal is to get the ball to fly a short distance and then roll towards the hole. This shot is often used to get the ball over a bunker or other obstacle in the way of a direct path to the hole.

  • Setup: To set up for a pitch shot, start by positioning your body with an open stance. Place the ball slightly back in your stance, towards your right foot (for right-handed golfers). This helps promote a descending strike on the ball and creates backspin. Grip down slightly on the club for better control.
  • Swing: The swing for a pitch shot is usually described as a half-swing or three-quarter swing. It is important to focus on controlling the distance rather than generating power. Start the backswing by using your arms, wrists, and shoulders in a smooth motion. Avoid using excessive wrist action or a full body turn.
  • Club Selection: Pitch shots are typically played with wedges, such as a sand wedge or gap wedge. The lofted face of these clubs helps the ball get up in the air quickly and stop on the green. The specific club selection will depend on the distance, lie, and desired trajectory of the shot.
  • Ball Flight: When executing a pitch shot, focus on making clean contact with the ball and keeping a steady tempo throughout the swing. The ball should take a relatively low and controlled flight, with some backspin to help it stop on the green. Visualize the ball landing softly and rolling towards the target.
  • Factors to Consider: There are several factors that can affect the success of a pitch shot. These include the length of the grass, the slope of the green, wind speed and direction, and the lie of the ball. Adjustments may need to be made to account for these variables and ensure an accurate shot.

Developing a solid pitch shot is crucial to scoring well in golf. By practicing the setup, swing, and club selection, you can improve your ability to execute this delicate shot under various scenarios.

Remember to always focus on precision rather than power when playing a pitch shot. A controlled and well-executed pitch shot can save you strokes and ultimately lead to lower scores.