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Long Putters

Golf is a game of precision and finesse, and one of the most important aspects of the game is putting. Putting involves using a specialized club called a putter to roll the ball into the hole on the green. While there are various types of putters available, one that has gained popularity in recent years is the long putter.

What is a Long Putter?

A long putter, also known as a belly putter or broomstick putter, is a putter that is longer in length compared to traditional putters. It is called a belly putter because it extends up to the belly button of the golfer when they are addressing the ball. Some long putters can even reach up to the chest of the golfer.

How is it Used?

The long putter is used differently from a traditional putter. Instead of holding the club with just the hands, the golfer grips the putter differently. The top hand is placed on the handle, while the bottom hand is anchored against the body, typically against the chest or the stomach. This anchoring technique helps to provide stability and control during the putting stroke.

Advantages of a Long Putter

  • Improved Stability: The longer shaft of the putter helps to stabilize the motion of the putt, reducing factors such as shaky hands or nerves.
  • Reduced Wrist Movement: With the anchoring technique, the golfer's wrists are less involved in the putting stroke, resulting in a more controlled and consistent putting motion.
  • Added Control: The longer length of the putter allows for a greater pendulum-like motion, promoting a smoother and more stable stroke.

Disadvantages of a Long Putter

  • Limited Feel: Some golfers feel that the longer length of the putter reduces their ability to feel the ball and the green, making it more challenging to judge speed and distance accurately.
  • Rule Changes: In recent years, golf's governing bodies have implemented rules regarding the use of long putters in professional competition. These rules restrict how the putter can be anchored against the body, affecting the technique and performance of players who have been using long putters for years.

Who Should Use a Long Putter?

The decision to use a long putter ultimately depends on the golfer's personal preference and playing style. Some golfers find that a long putter enhances their putting performance, especially if they struggle with stability or wrist movement. It may also be beneficial for golfers who have experienced injuries or physical limitations that affect their traditional putting technique.


Long putters are a unique type of putter that can provide benefits such as improved stability and reduced wrist movement. However, they also have disadvantages and are subject to rule restrictions in professional competition. Whether a golfer chooses to use a long putter or not is a personal decision, based on their individual needs and preferences. Ultimately, the goal is to find a putter that helps maximize putting performance and consistency on the greens.

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