Jerking the Club Back Golf Term

    Have you ever been called a jerk on the golf course? No, not that kind of jerk. Let’s start over. Have you ever been told that you “jerk the club back” away from the ball?

    It’s a common ailment. Happens to a lot of very nice golfers, as a matter of fact. It simply means that you start the swing by pulling the club back abruptly rather than smoothly, which ruins your chances of making a well-integrated turn and puts the arms in charge of your swing.

    Golfers who jerk the club back often show excess wrist action, another no-no. Their shoulders fail to properly engage, costing them power and accuracy. Jerk the club back and the golf ball can go just about anywhere – right, left, straight up, etc…

    The answer to this syndrome is called the “one-piece takeaway,” aka a “low and slow takeaway.” It involves a simple, efficient motion keeping the arms, wrists and shoulders moving in unison for the first part of the swing. Master the one-piece takeaway and you’ll be amazed by how well the rest of your swing falls into line.

    Want to fix your jerky takeaway? Of course you do. Learn the secret to making a correct backswing by watching this video:

    Low and Slow Takeaway