Hovering, Golf Term

Golf Term: Hovering

Golf is a sport that has its own unique terminology and language. One such term that you may come across while on the course is “hovering”. Understanding what this term means and how it applies to golf etiquette can help improve your overall experience while playing this wonderful game.


When someone says they are “hovering” in golf, it means that they are waiting or standing nearby, usually around the green, while another player is about to play their shot. This typically happens when players are on the green and one player has already putted their ball, while the others are waiting for their turn.


Hovering is an essential part of golf etiquette, as it ensures a smooth flow of play and allows each golfer to focus on their shot without distractions. Here are some key points to remember regarding hovering:

  • Stand at a respectable distance: When hovering, make sure to stand far enough away from the player to avoid distracting them, but close enough to be aware of their shot.
  • Avoid unnecessary movement: While hovering, try to minimize any unnecessary movements, as sudden movements can be distracting for the player about to hit their shot.
  • Be ready when it's your turn: While waiting for your turn, use this time to plan your shot and prepare yourself. Being ready when it's your turn helps maintain a steady pace of play.
  • Show respect for others: Always be mindful of other players on the course and show respect by not talking or making excessive noise while someone is about to play their shot.

Importance of Hovering:

Hovering is particularly crucial when players are on the green, as this area requires concentration and precision. By maintaining proper hovering etiquette, you can contribute to a respectful and efficient pace of play, making the game enjoyable for all golfers involved.

Hovering Tips:

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind to enhance your hovering skills:

  • Keep an eye on the ball: While standing nearby, observe the path of the ball to assist the player with their alignment or to help find a lost ball.
  • Be ready to repair divots or ball marks: As you hover around the green, keep a divot repair tool handy, so you can quickly fix any damage caused by shots once the player has finished.
  • Offer assistance when needed: If the player asks for your input or assistance, be ready to help. This could involve reading a green or providing advice for their shot.
  • Give space when requested: Some players may prefer not to have anyone hovering near them. Respect their preference and keep a comfortable distance if requested.


Hovering is an essential aspect of golf etiquette that helps maintain a smooth flow of play and respect among golfers. By understanding and following the principles of hovering, you can contribute to a positive golf experience for yourself and those playing alongside you. So, next time you're on the golf course, remember to hover appropriately and enjoy the game to its fullest!