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Ground Under Repair in Golf

Golf is a game that is played on various terrains, including grassy fairways, sandy bunkers, and smooth putting greens. However, occasionally, golfers may encounter areas on the course that are designated as “Ground Under Repair” (GUR). Understanding this term and knowing how to proceed when faced with it is essential for every golfer.

Definition of Ground Under Repair:

  • Ground Under Repair, often abbreviated as GUR, refers to areas on the golf course that are deemed temporarily unplayable.
  • These areas are typically marked with white lines, stakes, or signs.

Causes of Ground Under Repair:

  • Weather conditions: Heavy rainfall or ongoing maintenance can make certain sections of the course unplayable.
  • Damage: Areas that have undergone recent repairs or renovations may be designated as GUR until they are fully healed.
  • Animal interference: If wildlife or other animals damage a specific area, it may be declared GUR until it is restored.

What to do when encountering GUR:

  1. Identifying GUR: Look for white lines, stakes, or signs indicating Ground Under Repair.
  2. No Play Zone: Once you have identified the GUR, you should not play from or touch the area.
  3. Club Restrictions: If your ball ends up in a GUR, you are typically allowed relief without penalty. However, certain restrictions may apply, such as not being allowed to take a practice swing.
  4. Relief Procedure: Determine the nearest point of complete relief from the GUR. This should be the closest spot where the ball can be played without interference from the GUR.
  5. Proper Marking: Before taking relief, mark the location of your ball to ensure it can be replaced correctly.
  6. One Club Length Rule: Drop the ball within one club length of the selected relief point, not nearer the hole.
  7. Penalty: There is typically no penalty for taking relief from GUR.
  8. Playing from GUR: While players are not allowed to play from a GUR, they may need to cross it to reach playable areas. In such cases, players should take the shortest route across the GUR and minimize damage to the area.


Being aware of the term “Ground Under Repair” and understanding how it affects your game is crucial in golf. When encountering GUR, players should identify it, avoid playing from or touching the area, and follow the appropriate relief procedures outlined by the rules of golf. By knowing the proper actions to take, players can navigate the course effectively while respecting the conditions set by the course management.

Keep these guidelines in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable golfing experience, even when encountering areas of Ground Under Repair!