plumbers neck term

Gooseneck (aka Plumber’s Neck)

In the world of golf, there are several terms that are used to describe specific equipment or techniques. One such term is “Gooseneck,” which is also sometimes referred to as “Plumber's Neck.” This term is commonly used to describe a particular style of putter shaft that has a distinct shape resembling the neck of a goose or the curve of a plumbing pipe.

A gooseneck putter shaft is characterized by a sharp bend at the end, which connects to the putter head. This bending creates an offset between the shaft and the face of the putter, allowing golfers to align their eyes over the intended target line more easily. The purpose of this design is to promote a more accurate and consistent putting stroke.

  • Improved Alignment: One of the main advantages of using a gooseneck putter is its ability to enhance alignment. The offset provided by the curved shaft helps golfers align their eyes directly above the target line, making it easier to aim towards the desired target.
  • Reduced Hands Activeness: Another benefit of the gooseneck design is that it encourages a more stable and pendulum-like putting stroke. The offset nature of the shaft helps reduce the hands' involvement in the stroke, promoting a smoother and more consistent motion. This can lead to improved accuracy and better distance control.
  • Increased Forgiveness: The gooseneck putter design also offers forgiveness on off-center strikes. The offset helps to minimize the effect of mishits, reducing the amount of twisting or rotating of the face at impact. This can result in more consistent ball speed and direction, even on less-than-perfect putts.

While the gooseneck putter design offers several advantages, it's important to note that its effectiveness may vary depending on the golfer's preferences and putting style. Some golfers may find a straight shaft or a different style more comfortable and suitable for their needs. Therefore, it's crucial to experiment with different putters and seek professional advice to determine the best fit for your game.

In conclusion, a gooseneck (aka plumber's neck) is a specific style of putter shaft that features a noticeable bend in the shape of a gooseneck or plumbing pipe. This design offers improved alignment, reduced hands activeness during the stroke, and increased forgiveness on off-center strikes. However, golfers should consider their individual preferences and seek professional advice when selecting a putter that suits their game best.