Falling Off the Ball Golf Term

    How can you fall off the golf ball unless you’re standing on it to begin with?

    As with many golf-centric phrases, “falling off the ball” isn’t meant to be taken literally. Instead of “off,” perhaps a better term would be “away from.” When you lose balance during the swing and tilt or lean backwards, bad things happen.

    A golfer who falls off – sorry, away from – the ball will sometimes shuffle his feet and move his entire body. Other times, he merely lifts the upper body and tips backward. Either way, he’s bound to top the ball, hit it thin, slice it, pull it or even hook it. Frankly, there’s no telling where his shots will go.

    That’s why correct balance is one of golf’s bedrock fundamentals. You must start with your weight properly distributed across the feet, then transfer weight efficiently back and through, and finish in a balanced pose facing the target.

    Achieving great balance on one swing is easy. Doing it consistently requires work. The good news is, there’s an incredibly simple drill designed to instill correct balance and help you maintain it. Use this tip as often as possible and eliminate “falling off the ball” from your golf vocabulary:

    Feet-Together Drill