Even Par Golf Term

Even Par

Golf is a game that revolves around numbers and scores. One common term you might come across in golf is “even par.” Understanding the concept of even par is essential for golfers as it provides a benchmark for measuring their performance on the golf course.


Even par refers to a golf score that is equal to the designated par for a specific course or hole. In simple terms, it means a golfer has completed a round or hole in the exact number of strokes that the course or hole is designed to be played in.


Let's say you are playing on a course where the par for 18 holes is 72. If you finish the entire round with a score of 72, you are said to have shot even par. Similarly, if a particular hole is designated as a par 4, and you complete it in four strokes, you have achieved even par for that hole.


The concept of even par is crucial in golf because it enables players to evaluate and compare their performance against the set standards. By aiming to achieve even par, golfers can determine the efficiency of their play and identify areas for improvement. Tracking scores relative to even par gives golfers a clear indication of whether they are playing above, below, or at their expected level.

For example, if a course has a par of 72, shooting a score of 75 means you finished 3 strokes over par, commonly referred to as being “3 over.” Conversely, if you shoot a score of 69 on the same course, you would be “3 under.” These terms help golfers communicate their performance succinctly.

Tournament Scoring:

Even par becomes particularly relevant during golf tournaments where scores are frequently reported. A golfer's performance in relation to par is a vital metric to determine their position on the leaderboard. Scores are often reported as “-3” or “+2,” indicating how far under or over par a player is for the tournament.

Striving for Even Par:

For many golfers, striving to achieve even par is a key goal. However, it is essential to note that even par represents a high level of skill and consistency. Professional golfers often view even par as a benchmark of excellence in their performance.


Understanding the golf term “even par” is fundamental for any golfer. It serves as a reference point to gauge performance, compare scores, and determine a golfer's standing in a tournament. By setting even par as a goal, golfers can work towards improving their gameplay and achieving excellence on the course.

  • Even par refers to a score that is equal to the designated par for a specific course or hole.
  • Golfers aim to achieve even par as a benchmark of excellence in their performance.
  • Scoring relative to even par helps golfers track and compare their performance against set standards.
  • During tournaments, scores are reported in relation to par to determine a player's position on the leaderboard.
  • Understanding even par is crucial for evaluating performance and identifying areas for improvement.