Drain, Golf Term


One of the commonly used terms in golf is “drain”. Drain refers to sinking a putt or making a successful shot that sends the golf ball straight into the hole. It is a satisfying feeling for golfers when they manage to drain a putt as it signifies a successful stroke and brings them closer to achieving their desired score.

Here are some key points to understand about the term “drain” in golf:

  • Draining a putt requires precision and accuracy.
  • It requires the golfer to read the greens properly, assess the distance and slope, and deliver a stroke with the right speed and line.
  • Draining a putt can drastically improve a golfer's score, especially if it is a longer putt.

Factors that contribute to draining a putt:

  • Reading the green: To successfully drain a putt, the golfer must carefully assess the slope, speed, and break of the green. This helps in choosing the correct line and judging the amount of force required to hole the putt.
  • Putting technique: A solid and consistent putting technique is crucial for draining putts. This includes having a proper grip, stance, and alignment. A smooth and controlled stroke also increases the chances of draining a putt.
  • Mental focus: Golfers need to concentrate and stay mentally focused while attempting to drain a putt. Any distractions or lack of focus can lead to a missed opportunity to sink the putt.

Tips to increase the chances of draining a putt:

  • Practice: Regular practice on the putting green helps golfers refine their putting skills and develop a feel for the speed and break of the greens. Consistent practice leads to better distance control and accuracy.
  • Read the greens: Before attempting a putt, take your time to read the greens properly. Look for any slopes, indentations, or variations in the grass that can influence the ball's path and speed. Adjust your aim and stroke accordingly.
  • Visualize the putt: Visualizing the ball rolling into the hole can improve focus and confidence. Imagine the line and speed required for a successful putt.
  • Control your speed: It is essential to have good speed control while putting. Avoid hitting the ball too softly or too strongly. A gentle and controlled stroke helps the ball roll smoothly towards the hole.
  • Practice distance control: Draining longer putts requires excellent distance control. Practice different length putts to develop a sense of how much force is needed to achieve the desired distance.


Drain refers to successfully sinking a putt in golf. It requires careful assessment of the greens, a solid putting technique, and mental focus. Regular practice, reading the greens, visualizing the putt, controlling speed, and practicing distance control can all contribute to increasing the chances of draining putts. The feeling of draining a putt is often gratifying for golfers, as it signifies a successful stroke and brings them closer to achieving their desired score.