Deck (as in Hitting Driver Off the Deck), Golf Term

Golf Term: Hitting Driver Off the Deck


Hitting Driver Off the Deck is a golf term used to describe the act of using a driver club off the ground, typically from the fairway, instead of from a tee. It requires a specific technique and skill to get the distance and control desired.

Key Points:

  • Driver Off the Deck is a challenging shot but can be highly rewarding when executed properly.
  • It is usually attempted when the ball lies in the fairway or when there are obstacles preventing the use of a tee.
  • Proper setup and technique are crucial for success.

How to Execute Driver Off the Deck:

1. Select the right club:

Choose a driver club that you are confident with and comfortable hitting off the ground. This depends on your personal preference and the given circumstances.

2. Assess the lie:

Make sure the ball is sitting nicely on the fairway without any obstacles or hindrances in front of you. The lie should allow for a clean and unobstructed swing.

3. Position your ball:

Place the ball slightly forward in your stance, closer to your front foot. This will help ensure a cleaner contact and optimize launch angle.

4. Widen your stance:

Adopt a slightly wider stance than usual to provide a more stable base for the swing. This will help you maintain balance throughout the shot.

5. Swing with control:

Take a controlled swing, focusing on maintaining a smooth tempo throughout. Avoid trying to overpower the shot, as this can lead to loss of control.

6. Aim for a smaller swing arc:

Unlike a typical tee shot, where you have the advantage of teeing the ball high, hitting Driver Off the Deck requires a smaller swing arc. This helps ensure solid ball contact and minimizes the chance of mishits.

7. Impact position:

At impact, focus on striking the ball with a slightly descending blow. This promotes a clean strike and optimal launch conditions.

8. Follow-through:

Complete your swing with a balanced and controlled follow-through. This allows you to maintain control and ensure a consistent shot.

Benefits of Hitting Driver Off the Deck:

  • Increased versatility: Being able to hit driver off the ground opens up more options when facing different situations on the golf course.
  • Maximize distance: When executed correctly, this shot can provide considerable distance, usually greater than what a fairway wood or long iron can achieve.
  • Overcome obstacles: When there are obstacles such as trees or tall rough preventing the use of a tee, hitting driver off the deck can be a useful alternative.


Hitting Driver Off the Deck is a challenging yet valuable shot in a golfer's repertoire. It requires focus, proper technique, and practice to achieve consistent success. By following the key points and execution steps outlined above, you can develop the skills needed to confidently hit driver off the deck when the situation calls for it.