grip down term

In golf, the term “choke up” on the golf club, also known as “grip down,” refers to adjusting the position of your hands on the grip to hold the club closer to the clubhead. This technique allows golfers to effectively shorten the club's effective length and gain more control over the shot.

Here are a few key points about choking up or gripping down on the golf club:

  1. Purpose: Choking up on the club is typically done to gain more control and accuracy over the shot. By gripping down, you effectively reduce the length of the club, which can help you make more controlled swings and improve your ability to make solid contact with the ball.
  2. Situations for Choking Up: Golfers may choose to choke up on the club in various situations. Some common instances include when a golfer needs to hit a shot with more precision, such as a shorter approach shot or a delicate chip around the green. Choking up can also be helpful in windy conditions or when dealing with difficult lies.
  3. Adjusting the Grip: To choke up on the club, you simply move your hands down the grip toward the clubhead. The amount of choking up is a personal preference and can vary depending on the desired result. Golfers may choose to grip down a few inches or even just an inch or two, depending on the situation and the shot required.
  4. Impact on Shot Distance: Choking up on the club generally reduces the distance the ball travels because it decreases the length of the lever (the club). The effect is similar to using a shorter club. However, choking up can also improve accuracy and consistency, allowing golfers to better control the direction and trajectory of the shot.

Choking up on the golf club is a useful technique that allows golfers to make more controlled and accurate swings. It provides flexibility and adaptability in different situations, helping golfers adjust to specific shot requirements. By experimenting with grip positions and practicing with different levels of choking up, golfers can determine the amount that works best for them and utilize this technique to enhance their overall performance on the course.

Choke Up on the Golf Club (aka Grip Down): To move the hands down on the club’s handle, toward the shaft.