Bowed Wrist Term


In golf, a “bowed wrist” refers to the position of the lead wrist (the left wrist for a right-handed golfer) during the swing. A bowed wrist occurs when the top of the lead wrist is flat or slightly arched, creating a straight line from the forearm to the back of the hand, resembling a bow shape.

Maintaining a bowed wrist throughout the swing is often considered an essential technique, especially for better ball-striking and consistency. Here are a few key points related to a bowed wrist in golf:

  1. Impact position: The bowed wrist position is crucial at impact. It helps promote a forward-leaning shaft, leading to a downward strike on the ball, proper compression, and a consistent ball flight.
  2. Avoiding a cupped or scooped wrist: A cupped wrist refers to a position where the back of the hand is arched, creating a cup-like shape. A scooped wrist occurs when the wrist is excessively arched in the opposite direction, with the hand higher than the forearm. Both of these positions can lead to inconsistent strikes and loss of power.
  3. Relationship to clubface control: The position of the lead wrist has a direct influence on the clubface angle at impact. A bowed wrist can help square the clubface, resulting in straighter shots, while a cupped or scooped wrist can lead to an open or closed clubface and errant shots.
  4. Lead hand dominance: The bowed wrist is primarily associated with the lead hand (left hand for a right-handed golfer) but can also be relevant for golfers with a dominant right hand. It helps maintain control and stability through the impact zone.

Developing a bowed wrist position requires proper grip and hand position, as well as a good understanding of the correct wrist hinge during the swing. It is recommended to work with a golf instructor or coach to learn and practice this technique effectively.

Bowed Wrist: When the left wrist of a right-handed golfer is bent forward, creating a bowed appearance. Some players have a bowed left wrist at the top of the backswing, while many pros exhibit this position at impact.