Bomb and Gouge, Golf Term

“Bomb and gouge” is a golf strategy used predominantly in modern professional golf. Let's break down the terms:

  1. Bomb: In golf, “bomb” refers to hitting the ball with a lot of power and distance off the tee. Golfers who employ the “bomb” strategy focus on maximizing their driving distance by generating high clubhead speed and launching the ball far down the fairway.
  2. Gouge: “Gouge” refers to the second part of the strategy, which involves recovering from long distances in the rough or difficult spots on the course. Golfers who use the “gouge” strategy prioritize distance off the tee over accuracy, accepting that they may find themselves in less favorable positions on the course. The “gouge” aspect involves using power and strength to muscle the ball out of trouble and advance it closer to the target, even if it means sacrificing precision.

The “bomb and gouge” strategy is often associated with aggressive, long-hitting golfers who rely on their ability to hit the ball a great distance and recover from challenging positions. It can be an effective approach on courses with wide fairways and less punitive rough or hazards. However, it may not be as successful on courses with narrow fairways or significant penalties for missing the intended landing areas.

These terms are used to indicate the relative success or difficulty of a golfer's performance on a specific hole. They can also help track a golfer's overall score during a round.

Slang term for a style of play where the golfer tries to drive the ball as far as possible off the tee, with little regard for accuracy, then “gouge” it from the rough onto the green.