explosion term

In golf, the term “blast” or “explosion shot” refers to a type of shot played from a greenside bunker. It is a technique used to get the golf ball out of the sand and onto the green with a high trajectory while generating a significant amount of backspin to control the ball's roll after landing.

The blast shot involves using a sand wedge or a lob wedge with a lofted clubface. Here's a general description of how to execute a blast shot:

  1. Setup: Position your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and open the clubface, pointing it slightly to the right of the target (for right-handed golfers, left of the target for left-handed golfers). Dig your feet into the sand for stability.
  2. Ball Position: Place the golf ball slightly forward in your stance, closer to your left foot (right-handed golfers). This helps ensure that the club strikes the sand first, rather than making direct contact with the ball.
  3. Swing Technique: Adopting an open stance and maintaining an open clubface throughout the swing, take a slightly steeper backswing than usual. As you swing through the ball, focus on striking the sand about an inch or two behind the ball, allowing the clubhead to slide through the sand. This interaction with the sand creates a cushion of sand that lifts the ball out of the bunker.
  4. Follow-Through: Follow through with your swing, allowing the clubhead to continue through the sand and finishing high. This helps generate the necessary loft and backspin to control the ball's trajectory and roll upon landing.

The objective of a blast shot is to make clean contact with the sand behind the ball, using the sand's resistance to lift the ball out and onto the green. The explosion shot is particularly effective in situations where the ball is buried in the sand or there is a significant lip or face of the bunker to clear.

Mastering the blast shot requires practice and understanding of the proper technique. Golfers need to adjust their swing length, speed, and sand contact point based on the specific bunker conditions and desired shot outcome.

Blast (aka Explosion Shot): A shot from a bunker where the player strikes sand before ball, sending both into the air toward the target.