Bentgrass, Golf Term

“Bentgrass” is a type of grass commonly used on golf course greens, as well as some fairways and tees. It is a fine-textured, cool-season grass species that is highly regarded for its smooth, dense, and uniform playing surface.

Bentgrass is known for its ability to tolerate close mowing and its exceptional putting quality. Its fine blades and dense growth create a consistent and true roll for golf balls, allowing for precise putting and ball control. Bentgrass greens are often preferred by golfers for their smoothness, speed, and receptiveness to approach shots.

There are different varieties of bentgrass used on golf courses, with “Creeping Bentgrass” (Agrostis stolonifera) being one of the most common. Creeping Bentgrass has long, slender stolons or above-ground runners that help it spread and form a dense turf.

Golf course maintenance practices for bentgrass greens typically involve frequent mowing at low heights, careful irrigation management, and regular topdressing to maintain a smooth playing surface. Bentgrass can be demanding in terms of maintenance requirements, including the need for precise mowing, frequent rolling, and disease management.

While bentgrass is commonly found on golf course greens, it is less commonly used on fairways due to its lower tolerance for wear and tear and its preference for shorter mowing heights. Other grass species, such as Bermudagrass or ryegrass, are often used on fairways, as they can handle higher traffic and are more resistant to divots and ball marks.

Overall, bentgrass is highly valued for its putting quality and is favored by many golfers and golf course architects for its smoothness and consistency on greens, contributing to the overall challenge and enjoyment of the game.

Bentgrass, Golf Term:Grass strain used on many golf courses north of the U.S. Sunbelt and similar climates, though some southern courses feature bentgrass greens. Bentgrass greens are prized for their smooth roll and often measure high for speed on the Stimpmeter. It is also used for tees, fairways and rough on some courses.