Army Golf, Golf Term

Slang term for the golfer whose shots are inaccurate, going “left-right-left” of the target. As in, “Joe is playing Army golf today.”

  • Army golf” is a humorous term used in golf to describe a player's inconsistent and erratic shots. It is also known as “Ain't Really Me Yet” golf. The term “Army golf” is derived from the idea that the player's shots go in different directions, similar to how soldiers march: “left, right, left, right.” It is a lighthearted way of acknowledging a player's struggle with hitting the ball consistently straight.

When someone is playing “Army golf,” it means they are hitting shots that go in various directions, often alternating between left and right. For example, if a player's first shot goes to the left, the next might go to the right, and so on. This inconsistency can lead to a frustrating and challenging round of golf.

The term is typically used in a joking manner among golfers to poke fun at themselves or others who are experiencing a particularly wayward day on the course. It's a reminder that even experienced golfers can have their fair share of ups and downs when it comes to shot accuracy and consistency.