What is the Official World Golf Ranking and how does it work

What is the Official World Golf Ranking?

The Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) is a system used to rank professional golfers worldwide. It was introduced in 1986 and is run by the Official World Golf Ranking Board. The OWGR provides a measure of a golfer's relative performance against other players in participating tours around the globe.

How does the Official World Golf Ranking work?

The OWGR calculates a golfer's average score based on their performance in various tournaments over a two-year period. The ranking points are awarded based on the golfer's finish position and the strength of the field in each tournament. The more prestigious the tournament and the stronger the competition, the higher the ranking points available.

  • The OWGR takes into account the results from all major professional golf tours, including the PGA Tour, European Tour, Japan Golf Tour, Asian Tour, Sunshine Tour, and others.
  • The ranking points are determined by a formula that considers the player's finishes in recent tournaments. The formula is designed to give more weight to recent performances while gradually decreasing the value of past results.
  • Golfers earn ranking points for each tournament they play, regardless of whether they make the cut or not. However, the points awarded to those who miss the cut are significantly lower compared to those who make it to the weekend rounds.
  • The OWGR also takes into account the strength of the field in each tournament. It assigns a rating to each tournament based on the average strength of the field and allocates ranking points accordingly.
  • Golfers can improve their ranking by performing well in tournaments with high ratings and against strong competition. Conversely, their ranking may decline if they have poor performances or do not play in enough rated tournaments.

Weekly updates and ranking determination

The Official World Golf Ranking is updated on a weekly basis. The rankings are determined by calculating the average points earned by the player over the past two years, with more recent results carrying greater weight.

The ranking calculation is done automatically by the OWGR system, which uses the player's performance data provided by the participating tours. The data includes vital information such as finishing positions, strength of field, and the number of players in each event.

Golfers are ranked in descending order based on their average points, and the top-ranked golfer is considered the current number one player in the world. The rankings are used to determine eligibility for various golf events, including major championships and team competitions like the Ryder Cup.

In conclusion, the Official World Golf Ranking is an essential system that provides a standardized measure of a golfer's performance against their peers. It takes into account various aspects such as tournament finishes, field strength, and recency of results to deliver an accurate ranking. The OWGR serves as a benchmark for golfers and helps bring a sense of global competition to the sport.