What is the FedEx Cup and how does it work

In golf: What is the FedEx Cup and how does it work?

The FedEx Cup is a season-long championship on the PGA Tour that determines the overall champion at the end of the season. It is a points-based system that rewards consistency and performance throughout the year.

The FedEx Cup consists of a series of tournaments known as the FedEx Cup Playoffs. These playoffs consist of three stages: The Northern Trust, the BMW Championship, and the Tour Championship. These tournaments feature the top PGA Tour players competing for the ultimate prize.

Here is a breakdown of how the FedEx Cup works:

  • Regular Season: The PGA Tour season consists of numerous tournaments, and players earn points based on their performance in these events. The better a player finishes, the more points they receive. The regular season points determine the initial rankings for the FedEx Cup Playoffs.
  • The Northern Trust: The playoffs begin with The Northern Trust, which is the first of the three playoff events. The top 125 players in the FedEx Cup standings qualify for this tournament. The field is then reduced based on player performance, with only the top 70 moving on to the next stage.
  • BMW Championship: The second stage of the playoffs is the BMW Championship. At this stage, the field is reduced further to only the top 30 players. These players have proven themselves as the best performers throughout the season.
  • Tour Championship: The final event of the FedEx Cup Playoffs is the Tour Championship. The top 30 players from the BMW Championship compete for the championship title. However, there is a unique scoring system for the Tour Championship that creates a thrilling conclusion to the season.

In the Tour Championship, players' starting scores are determined by their position in the FedEx Cup standings. The leader of the FedEx Cup standings starts with a score of -10, the second-ranked player starts at -8, and so on, with players further down the standings receiving gradually higher starting scores.

The player who ultimately finishes the Tour Championship with the lowest score is crowned the FedEx Cup champion. This means that even if a player does not have the lowest 72-hole score in the tournament, they can still win the FedEx Cup if they have the lowest total score when considering their starting score as well.

The FedEx Cup has become one of the most prestigious titles in golf, with a substantial financial bonus for the winner. It has added an exciting and competitive element to the PGA Tour season, rewarding players for consistent performance and creating a thrilling climax to the year.

So, remember, the FedEx Cup is a season-long championship on the PGA Tour, consisting of playoffs made up of three tournaments. Players earn points throughout the regular season to qualify for the playoffs, and the ultimate winner is determined by their performance in the Tour Championship, where starting scores based on FedEx Cup standings add to the excitement.