A bunker shot can be one of the most challenging shots in golf, especially if you don't have the correct hand and arm action. The key to a successful bunker shot lies in understanding the correct technique and practicing it consistently.

Address Position:

  • When setting up for a bunker shot, your stance should be slightly wider than your shoulder width.
  • Your weight should be evenly distributed between your feet.
  • Open your clubface slightly, by turning it away from the target.
  • Position the ball slightly forward in your stance, towards your front foot.


  • During the backswing, your hands and arms should work together to create a smooth, controlled motion.
  • Keep your wrists firm but relaxed, avoiding any excessive wrist action.
  • As you swing the club back, hinge your wrists naturally, ensuring that the clubface remains open.


  • As you begin the downswing, focus on maintaining the same smooth rhythm and tempo that you had during your backswing.
  • Move your lower body towards the target, shifting your weight onto your front foot.
  • Allow your hands and arms to follow the rotation of your body, keeping the clubface open throughout the swing.


  • When your club makes contact with the sand, aim to hit approximately 1-2 inches behind the ball.
  • The goal is to let the clubhead slide through the sand, rather than trying to hit the ball directly.
  • Keep your wrists firm but relaxed, allowing the clubhead to splash the sand and propel the ball out of the bunker.


  • After impact, continue the follow-through to ensure a clean and smooth shot.
  • Allow your hands and arms to fully extend towards the target, maintaining balance and stability.
  • Finish with your chest facing the target and your weight shifted onto your front foot.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Improving your hand and arm action in a bunker shot requires consistent practice. Consider dedicating time to fine-tuning your technique at a practice bunker or chipping area. Experiment with different club selections, angles, and distances to enhance your bunker shot proficiency. As you gain confidence and familiarity, you'll find yourself saving strokes and navigating bunkers with greater ease.

Remember, mastering the correct hand and arm action in a bunker shot is an ongoing process. Golf is a game that requires patience and dedication. With time and practice, you'll be able to approach bunker shots with confidence and execute them successfully. So, get out there and start fine-tuning your technique!