What is the best way to grip the putter with a claw grip

The Best Way to Grip the Putter with a Claw Grip

When it comes to putting in golf, the grip you use can have a significant impact on your overall performance and consistency on the greens. One popular putting grip that has gained popularity among professionals and amateurs alike is the claw grip. The claw grip is a non-traditional putting grip where the golfer places the palm of their lead hand on the handle of the putter and curls their fingers underneath, resembling a claw. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to correctly grip the putter with a claw grip:

  • Step 1: Start by holding the putter with your lead hand (left hand for right-handed golfers) with the palm facing down and the back of your hand parallel to the target line. Place your grip towards the top end of the putter handle.
  • Step 2: Position your thumb of the lead hand along the flat front side of the putter grip. This is where the claw grip gets its name, as your thumb resembles a claw when positioned correctly.
  • Step 3: Curl your fingers of the lead hand underneath the putter grip, so that they rest against the side of the handle facing away from you. Your fingers should be relaxed and slightly bent.
  • Step 4: Bring your trail hand (right hand for right-handed golfers) to the putter grip. The grip with your trail hand should be lighter than with the lead hand.
  • Step 5: Position your trail hand so that the palm faces the target, and the back of your hand is parallel to the target line. Your trail hand's grip should be lower on the putter handle than the lead hand.
  • Step 6: Wrap your trail hand's fingers around the putter grip, making sure they are relaxed and in sync with your lead hand's fingers. The trail hand's grip should support the lead hand and provide stability during the putting stroke.
  • Step 7: Take a few practice strokes with your claw grip to get comfortable and find the right positioning for your hands. Ensure that both hands are working together as a unit to control the putter throughout the stroke.

The claw grip offers several benefits to golfers, including increased stability, reduced hand and wrist movement, and enhanced control over the putter face. By adopting this grip, many golfers find it easier to maintain a steady stroke and a consistent putting tempo. However, as with any grip, it's essential to practice extensively to become comfortable and confident with the claw grip.

Ultimately, the best way to grip the putter with a claw grip is whatever feels most natural and comfortable to you. Experiment with different hand positions and pressures to find the grip that suits your stroke and helps you make more putts. Remember to practice regularly and seek feedback from a golf instructor or professional to ensure you are using the claw grip correctly and effectively for your game.