A good follow-through in a bunker shot is crucial for achieving the desired result. It helps ensure proper technique and a successful shot. Let's explore the key elements of a good follow-through in a bunker shot:

1. Weight transfer:

During the follow-through, it is important to transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot. This helps create a stable base and promotes better contact with the sand. Shift your weight smoothly and maintain your balance throughout the shot.

2. Body rotation:

Rotate your body through the shot, allowing your hips and shoulders to turn. This rotational movement generates power and helps maintain a consistent swing path. Keep your upper body relaxed and your arms extended throughout the follow-through.

3. Arm extension:

Proper arm extension is essential to control the distance and trajectory of the shot. Keep your arms extended after impact and through the follow-through, allowing the clubhead to swing freely. Avoid collapsing your arms too early, as it can lead to inconsistent shots.

4. Clubface control:

Maintain control over the clubface during the follow-through to achieve the desired shot shape. Ensure that the clubface remains square to your intended target for a straight shot. If you want to add some spin, open or close the clubface slightly through impact and maintain that position during the follow-through.

5. Wrist hinge:

Proper wrist hinge allows you to create power and generate more clubhead speed. During the follow-through, maintain a natural wrist hinge to maximize distance and control. Avoid excessive wrist movement, as it can lead to inconsistency and poor contact.

6. Rhythm and tempo:

Maintain a smooth and consistent rhythm throughout the bunker shot, including the follow-through. Avoid rushing the shot or decelerating through impact. A proper rhythm and tempo help promote a fluid swing and better ball contact.

7. Balance and posture:

Balance and posture are vital elements to execute a good follow-through. Ensure that your posture remains stable and balanced throughout the swing. Maintain a stable lower body while allowing your upper body to rotate freely. Any loss of balance can lead to inconsistent shots.

8. Follow through to a complete finish:

Complete the follow-through by allowing the clubhead to finish high and over your shoulder. A full and balanced finish indicates a solid shot. Avoid stopping your swing abruptly; instead, continue your swing motion until it naturally reaches a complete finish.


A good follow-through in a bunker shot requires a combination of proper weight transfer, body rotation, arm extension, clubface control, wrist hinge, rhythm and tempo, balance and posture, and a complete finish. Focus on these elements and practice them to improve your bunker shots and take your game to the next level!