Improving Bunker Play with Effective Drills

Mastering bunker shots is an essential skill for any golfer who wants to improve their overall game. Bunkers can be intimidating, but with the right drills and practice, you can become more confident and consistent in your bunker play.

  • Drill 1: Distance Control
  • Place a target at a specific distance (e.g., 10 yards) from the bunker and try to land your shots as close to the target as possible. This drill helps you develop a feel for how far the ball will travel out of the sand, improving your distance control.

  • Drill 2: Varying Lies
  • Create different bunker lies by moving the sand around with your rake. Practice hitting shots from both uphill and downhill lies, as well as sidehill lies. This drill helps you get accustomed to the various lies you may encounter on the course and how they affect your shots.

  • Drill 3: Visualization
  • Before stepping into the bunker, visualize the shot you want to hit. Imagine the trajectory, the amount of spin you want to put on the ball, and where you want it to land. This drill helps improve your mental game and prepares you to execute the shot with confidence.

  • Drill 4: Ample Sand Contact
  • Focus on hitting the sand before the ball. Practice hitting shots where you take a small divot of sand after the ball. This drill helps ensure you are getting enough sand contact, allowing the club to slide under the ball and create the necessary height and spin.

  • Drill 5: Sloped Bunker Shots
  • Find a bunker with a slope and practice hitting shots from various positions along the slope. This drill helps you learn how slope affects the trajectory and landing of your shots. Experiment with different club choices to see which works best for different slope angles.

  • Drill 6: High-Lip Bunker Shots
  • Practice hitting shots from bunkers with high lips. This drill helps improve your ability to get the ball up quickly and clear the lip successfully. Experiment with different club selections, like a lob wedge, to achieve the desired height and carry.

  • Drill 7: Uphill and Downhill Bunker Shots
  • Place the ball at the top of a downhill slope or at the bottom of an uphill slope in the bunker. Experiment with different swing techniques and club choices to achieve various trajectories. This drill helps you adapt to challenging uphill and downhill bunker shots.

Remember, consistency in bunker play comes with practice. Incorporate these drills into your regular practice routine to gradually improve your skills and gain confidence in your ability to handle any bunker shot you encounter on the golf course.