What are some golf training aids for improving lag putting and distance control

Golf Training Aids for Improving Lag Putting and Distance Control

Putting is often referred to as the most important aspect of the game of golf. It can make or break your score, and having good lag putting and distance control skills can significantly improve your overall performance on the course. Luckily, there are several golf training aids available that can help you enhance these skills. Here are some highly recommended ones:

1. Putting Mats

Putting mats are portable and can be easily set up anywhere, allowing you to practice your lag putting and distance control skills at home or in the office. They typically have various markings and targets that can help you work on your aim, alignment, and stroke consistency.

2. Putting Arcs

Putting arcs are curved training aids that help you develop a proper putting stroke path. They guide your putter along the correct line and help you maintain a smooth rhythm and tempo. Using a putting arc can assist you in consistently hitting the ball square, leading to improved lag putting and distance control.

3. Putter Weighted Inserts

Putter weighted inserts can be inserted into the shaft of your putter to add weight to the clubhead. This additional weight helps you develop a more fluid and controlled putting stroke, enhancing your distance control. It also promotes a better feel for the putter head, allowing you to gauge the necessary force for different distances.

4. Putting Alignment Mirrors

Putting alignment mirrors are versatile training aids that help you improve your alignment, eye position, and stroke setup. They have alignment lines and guides that assist in positioning your eyes directly over the ball, ensuring consistent contact and improved distance control. These mirrors are particularly useful for lag putting, where precision and alignment are crucial.

5. Distance Measuring Devices

Using distance measuring devices such as golf rangefinders or GPS watches can greatly enhance your lag putting and distance control skills. These devices provide accurate measurements and eliminate the need for guesswork when determining the distance to the hole. This information allows you to make more informed decisions and select the appropriate club for the shot.

6. Mobile Putting Apps

There are numerous mobile putting apps available that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. These apps often offer various putting drills and exercises specifically designed to improve lag putting and distance control. They can provide immediate feedback on your stroke speed, alignment, and consistency, helping you identify areas for improvement.

7. Weighted Practice Balls

Weighted practice balls are designed to simulate the feel and weight of a regular golf ball while providing added resistance. These balls help you develop a smooth and controlled putting stroke by requiring a more precise swing. Regular practice with weighted balls can lead to improved lag putting and more accurate distance control on the course.

Remember, while training aids can enhance your skills, consistent practice and dedication are key to truly improving your lag putting and distance control. Utilize these aids in conjunction with focused practice sessions, and you will see noticeable improvements in your overall putting performance.