Yes, ball position is important for putting in golf. The placement of the golf ball in relation to your stance and the target line can have an impact on your ability to strike the ball cleanly and accurately.

The ideal ball position for putting is generally just slightly forward of center in your stance. This position allows you to make a consistent and controlled stroke with the putter. Placing the ball slightly forward of center helps ensure that you strike the ball with a slightly upward stroke, promoting a smoother roll and reducing the likelihood of skidding or hopping.

However, it's important to note that ball position can also be influenced by personal preference, stroke mechanics, and individual tendencies. Some golfers may prefer to position the ball slightly back or forward depending on their stroke style or the specific green conditions they are facing.

Experimenting with different ball positions during practice sessions can help you determine what works best for your stroke and feel. Additionally, working with a golf instructor or coach can provide valuable guidance on optimizing your ball position for more consistent and accurate putting.