How to Play a Bunker Shot from a Plugged Lie Against the Bunker Wall

Golf is a game that often presents challenges, and one of those challenges is dealing with difficult lies in bunkers. One particularly challenging situation is when your ball plugs against the wall of a bunker. But fear not, with the right technique and strategy, you can successfully navigate this tricky shot. Here are some tips to help you play a bunker shot from a plugged lie against the bunker wall:

  • Assess the Lie: Before attempting the shot, carefully assess the lie of your ball. Determine how firmly it is plugged against the wall and how much sand is surrounding it. This information will help you decide on the necessary adjustments to your technique.
  • Open the Clubface: To increase the effective bounce of the club and prevent it from digging too deeply into the sand, open the clubface slightly. This will also help you get the necessary loft to clear the wall effectively.
  • Take a Stable Stance: Set up with a slightly wider stance than usual to provide stability and a solid base. Dig your feet firmly into the sand to help you maintain balance throughout the swing.
  • Position the Ball: Place the ball slightly back in your stance, closer to your right foot if you're a right-handed player. This setup will help you strike the sand behind the ball and promote a higher trajectory.
  • Swing with Steep Angle of Attack: The key to this shot is to create a steep angle of attack. Take a full swing, accelerating through the ball, and aim to hit the sand about an inch behind the ball. This will help you blast the ball out of the plugged lie with enough force to clear the bunker wall.
  • Follow Through: Extend your arms fully through impact and keep following through after hitting the sand. This will elevate the ball and give it the necessary momentum to clear the bunker wall.
  • Expect Unpredictability: Plugged lie bunker shots against the wall can be unpredictable. The ball may come out with less spin or take an unexpected bounce. Be mentally prepared for such outcomes and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Practice: Playing bunker shots from a plugged lie against the bunker wall requires practice to develop consistent technique and shot-making ability. Head to the practice bunker and devote time to practicing this shot under various conditions.

Remember, mastering this difficult shot will significantly enhance your overall golfing skills. Keep these tips in mind, and with practice, you'll gain the confidence and ability to successfully conquer bunker shots from plugged lies against the bunker wall. Good luck!