How to Hit a Hybrid Club Out of a Divot

One of the most challenging shots in golf is hitting a hybrid club out of a divot. Divots are the patches of grass that are displaced when a golf ball is struck with an iron club. It can be intimidating to find your ball sitting in a divot, but with the right technique, you can still make a solid and successful shot. Here are some tips to help you hit a hybrid club out of a divot:

  • Select the right club: The first step is to choose the appropriate hybrid club for the shot. Depending on the distance and the severity of the divot, you may need to adjust your club selection. A higher lofted hybrid can help launch the ball higher and get it out of the divot more easily.
  • Position your ball: When setting up to hit the shot, place the ball slightly back in your stance, towards your right foot (for right-handed golfers). This helps create a steeper angle of attack, which is crucial for taking the ball cleanly out of the divot.
  • Take a steeper swing: In order to get the clubhead to enter the divot before striking the ball, you need to take a steeper swing. Focus on swinging your hybrid down towards the ball, rather than sweeping it along the ground. This helps ensure that the clubhead makes contact with the ball first, rather than hitting the ground behind it.
  • Make solid contact: Concentrate on making solid contact with the ball. Due to the difficult nature of hitting out of a divot, it's essential to strike the ball cleanly to achieve the desired result. Keep your eyes on the ball throughout the swing and maintain good balance to increase your chances of making solid contact.
  • Follow through: After striking the ball, continue your swing and follow through. This will ensure that you create the necessary lift to get the ball out of the divot and back on track towards your target.
  • Practice: Like any golf shot, hitting a hybrid club out of a divot requires practice. Find a practice area or a driving range that allows you to hit shots from divots and spend time honing your technique. By regularly practicing this shot, you'll develop confidence and improve your ability to handle these challenging situations on the course.

In conclusion, hitting a hybrid club out of a divot can be challenging, but with the right approach and technique, you can still achieve a successful shot. Choose the right club, position your ball correctly, take a steeper swing, make solid contact, follow through, and practice regularly. With time and practice, you'll feel more comfortable and confident when faced with this demanding shot on the golf course.