How do I hit a greenside bunker shot with an iron

How to Hit a Greenside Bunker Shot with an Iron

Greenside bunker shots can be intimidating, but with proper technique and practice, you can successfully get out of the sand and onto the green. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to hit a greenside bunker shot using an iron.

1. Assess the Lie

  • Before getting started, evaluate the lie of your ball in the bunker. Determine if the sand is firm or soft, as this will impact how you approach the shot.

2. Select the Right Club

  • Choose an iron with ample loft, typically a sand wedge or a gap wedge. The loft will help the ball get out of the bunker and onto the green.

3. Position Yourself

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and align your body parallel to the target line. Dig your feet slightly into the sand for stability.

4. Open the Clubface

  • Open the clubface by rotating it to the right (for right-handed players) before taking your grip. This will help the club slide through the sand without digging too deeply.

5. Grip the Club

  • Hold the club with a light grip, relaxing your hands and wrists. This will allow for better control and feel during the swing.

6. Position the Ball

  • Place the ball towards the front of your stance, closer to your left foot (for right-handed players). This will help you make contact with the sand before hitting the ball.

7. Take a Steep Swing

  • As you make your swing, aim to hit approximately 2 inches behind the ball. This will create a shallow divot and lift the ball out of the bunker.

8. Accelerate through the Shot

  • As you swing, maintain an accelerating pace through the impact zone. This will ensure that you generate enough power to get the ball onto the green.

9. Follow Through

  • Continue your swing after impact, allowing the club to follow through naturally. This will help control the distance and trajectory of the shot.

10. Practice Consistently

  • Hitting greenside bunker shots with an iron takes practice. Spend time on the practice range, working on your technique and building confidence in your ability.


Mastering the greenside bunker shot with an iron requires patience and practice. By following these steps and dedicating time to improve this aspect of your game, you'll develop the skills necessary to escape the bunkers with confidence. Remember to remain calm, trust your technique, and focus on executing each shot. With time and dedication, you'll become proficient at hitting greenside bunker shots and lower your scores on the golf course.