How do I hit a chip shot from a plugged lie in a tight lie with my wedges

How to Hit a Chip Shot from a Plugged Lie in a Tight Lie with Your Wedge

One of the most challenging situations in golf is when your ball becomes plugged in a tight lie. It requires careful technique and precision to successfully execute a chip shot from this position. Here are some tips to help you navigate this difficult shot with your wedges:

  1. Selecting the Right Wedge: Choose a wedge with a higher loft for better control, such as a sand wedge or lob wedge. These wedges will help you get the ball in the air quickly and minimize digging into the ground.
  2. Assessing the Lie: Analyze the lie carefully to determine the depth of the plug and the surrounding grass. If the ball is deeply embedded, you may need to adjust your technique accordingly.
  3. Stance and Ball Position: Position the golf ball just behind the center of your stance. This placement will promote a descending strike and prevent the wedge from digging too much into the ground.
  4. Grip and Setup: Grip the club with a slightly firmer grip than normal to ensure stability and control. Set up with your weight favoring your front foot for a descending strike.
  5. Steep Angle of Attack: To prevent the wedge from bouncing too much on impact, you need to create a steep angle of attack. This is achieved by keeping your wrists firm and slightly ahead of the ball at impact.
  6. Use the Bounce: The bounce of your wedge is the curved, wider part at the back of the clubhead. Utilize this bounce to your advantage by ensuring it is in contact with the ground throughout the shot. It will help the club glide smoothly through the ground and avoid digging into the turf.
  7. Power and Swing Length: Focus on a controlled swing with a shorter backswing and follow-through. This will help ensure better contact with the ball and prevent mishits such as chunking or thin shots.
  8. Practice: Hitting chip shots from a plugged lie in tight lies with your wedges requires practice to develop a feel for the shot. Set up a practice area with similar conditions and experiment with different techniques until you find what works best for you.

Taking the time to understand and practice the technique required to hit chip shots from a plugged lie in tight lies with wedges will significantly improve your game. Remember, it's important to stay focused, maintain a positive mindset, and be patient with yourself as you work on mastering this challenging shot.