How do I hit a bunker shot with a tight lie using a wedge

How to Hit a Bunker Shot with a Tight Lie Using a Wedge

If you find yourself in a bunker with a tight lie, it can be a challenging shot to get out successfully. But with the right technique and approach, you can increase your chances of getting the ball out of the bunker and onto the green. Here are some tips on how to hit a bunker shot with a tight lie using a wedge:

  1. Select the right club: The first step is to choose the right wedge for the shot. A sand wedge or a lob wedge with a higher loft is usually the preferred choice for a bunker shot. The loft of these wedges will help you get the ball up in the air quickly and carry it out of the bunker.
  2. Open your clubface: Once you have the right club in hand, open the clubface slightly. This will increase the loft angle and help the club glide through the sand smoothly. The open clubface will also add height to the shot, allowing the ball to clear the lip of the bunker.
  3. Position the ball forward in your stance: To ensure an effective impact, position the ball slightly forward in your stance. This will help you strike the sand just before the ball, allowing the club to slide underneath the ball and lift it out of the bunker.
  4. Set up an open stance: Open your stance by aiming your body slightly left of the target if you are a right-handed golfer (opposite if you are left-handed). This open stance will give you more room to swing the club freely and help you hit behind the ball, taking the sand with it.
  5. Focus on a spot behind the ball: Instead of looking at the ball, pick a spot a few inches behind it and keep your eyes focused on that spot throughout the shot. This will encourage you to strike the sand first and take a divot after the ball, thus getting the ball out of the bunker.
  6. Make an aggressive swing: With the setup in place, take a full and confident swing. You want to accelerate through the ball, striking the sand first, and following through to complete the shot. Keep in mind that hitting behind the ball is crucial for a successful bunker shot.
  7. Practice: Bunker shots with tight lies can be tricky, so it's important to practice this type of shot regularly. Find a practice bunker and work on getting a feel for the club's interaction with the sand and how it affects the ball's flight. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with this shot.

Remember, hitting a bunker shot with a tight lie using a wedge requires technique, precision, and confidence. With the right club, setup, and execution, you can improve your chances of getting the ball out of the bunker and closer to the pin.