How do I grip the club for a flop shot

In golf, How do I grip the club for a flop shot?

When it comes to executing a flop shot in golf, the grip plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful and accurate shot. The grip you use for a flop shot is slightly different from your regular grip for other shots. Let's take a closer look at how to grip the club for a flop shot:

  • Hold the club lightly: Gripping the club lightly is important for a flop shot as it allows for more feel and control. You don't want to squeeze the club tightly as it can restrict your wrist action. Instead, hold the club with a relaxed and light grip.
  • Open your clubface: To hit a successful flop shot, you need to open the clubface. This means that you rotate the clubface slightly to the right (for right-handed golfers) or left (for left-handed golfers) at address. The amount of opening will depend on the height and distance you want to achieve with your shot.
  • Position your hands: For a flop shot, you should position your hands slightly ahead of the ball at address. This helps to create a steeper angle of attack, giving you the ability to pop the ball up high in the air. Make sure your hands are in front of the clubface.
  • Align your grip: When gripping the club for a flop shot, you should align your grip with the clubface. This means that your hands should align with the open clubface. If you were to look down at your grip, you should see more of your top hand and less of your bottom hand.
  • Use a slightly stronger grip: A flop shot requires a delicate touch and control. To achieve this, you can use a slightly stronger grip than your normal grip. A stronger grip means your top hand (for right-handed golfers, the left hand) is turned slightly more to the right on the club.
  • Maintain a light grip pressure: As mentioned earlier, it is important to grip the club lightly for a flop shot. This allows for better control and feel throughout the swing. Concentrate on maintaining a light grip pressure from start to finish.

Remember, the grip is just one aspect of executing a successful flop shot. You also need to have proper technique and timing to execute the shot effectively. It is recommended to practice the flop shot under the guidance of a golf instructor or coach to ensure you are using the correct grip and technique for your game.

With the right grip and practice, you will be able to control the trajectory and distance of your flop shots, giving you an invaluable weapon around the greens.