How do I develop a feel for green speed

In Golf, How Do I Develop a Feel for Green Speed?

When it comes to putting in golf, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the speed of the greens. A good feel for green speed can significantly improve your putting performance, allowing you to read the greens better and make more accurate putts. Here are some tips to help you develop a feel for green speed:

  • Observation: Spend time observing the greens before your round or during practice. Take note of the overall speed of the greens and any noticeable slopes or undulations that could affect the roll of the ball.
  • Feel the Surface: Use your feet to feel the texture and firmness of the greens. Pay attention to how your feet sink or slide on the surface, as this can give you an indication of the speed.
  • Practice Putting: Spend dedicated practice time on the putting green to work on your feel for speed. Start with short putts and gradually increase the distance. Focus on developing a consistent stroke and paying attention to how the ball rolls at different speeds.
  • Use Your Eyes: Develop a keen eye for reading the speed of the greens by observing how other players' putts roll. Pay attention to how far past the hole the ball rolls and how much break it takes.
  • Experiment: Practice putting on different greens with varying speeds and slopes. This will help you develop a more versatile feel for green speed, as each course can have different characteristics.
  • Visualize: Before each putt, visualize the ball rolling towards the hole at the desired speed. This mental preparation can help you make more accurate judgments about the speed of the greens.
  • Practice Various Length Putts: Work on putts of different lengths to get a better understanding of how the speed of the greens affects longer putts compared to shorter ones. Adjust your stroke accordingly based on the feel for the speed.
  • Play the Breaks: Green speed and break go hand in hand. Developing a feel for green speed will also help you read the breaks more effectively. Pay attention to the speed of the greens when analyzing the slope and direction of the break.

Remember, developing a feel for green speed takes time and practice. The more you spend on the putting green, the more attuned you will become to the subtle differences in green speed.

In conclusion, developing a feel for green speed in golf is an essential skill that can greatly enhance your putting performance. By observing, feeling, practicing, experimenting, visualizing, and playing the breaks, you can improve your ability to gauge the speed of the greens accurately. So, dedicate time to practice and refine your touch on the putting green, and you'll see the impact it has on your overall golf game.