In Golf: How to Increase the Height of Your Bunker Shots

Mastering bunker shots can greatly improve your overall performance on the golf course. Being able to control the height of your bunker shots is especially important. Whether you need to clear a high lip or stop the ball quickly on the green, having the ability to hit high bunker shots can be a game-changer. Here are some tips to help you increase the height of your bunker shots:

  • 1. Open the clubface: To increase the loft and launch angle of your bunker shots, you need to open the clubface. This means angling the face of the club away from your target. Open the clubface slightly to add height to your shots.
  • 2. Position the ball forward in your stance: Placing the ball slightly forward in your stance will help you hit the ball higher. This position allows you to strike the ball on the upswing, generating more loft and height.
  • 3. Create a wide stance: A wide and stable stance is crucial for generating power and height in bunker shots. Position your feet wider than your shoulders to create a solid base. This will give you more stability and control during your swing.
  • 4. Enhance your wrist hinge: To increase the height of your bunker shots, focus on maintaining a good wrist hinge. Start with a relaxed grip and allow your wrists to naturally hinge during the backswing. This will create more loft and height in your shots.
  • 5. Swing with an aggressive tempo: Bunker shots require a certain level of confidence and aggressiveness. Maintain a smooth but aggressive swing tempo to generate the necessary power and height. Don't be afraid to accelerate through the sand and follow through with your swing.
  • 6. Use the bounce of the club: The bounce of your wedge plays a vital role in increasing the height of your bunker shots. Bounce is the part of the clubhead that prevents the leading edge from digging into the sand. Utilize the bounce to slide the club smoothly through the sand, allowing the club to glide under the ball and promote a higher launch.
  • 7. Practice with proper technique: As with any skill in golf, practice is key. Regularly dedicate time to practicing bunker shots with the specific goal of increasing height. Focus on applying the techniques mentioned above until they become second nature.

Remember, increasing the height of your bunker shots requires a combination of good technique, proper clubface alignment, and confidence. Take your time to practice these tips, and soon you'll be able to confidently hit high and accurate bunker shots.

By incorporating these techniques into your game, you'll be well on your way to becoming a skilled bunker player and improving your overall performance on the golf course.