Bat-Caddy X3Electric Golf Caddy Cart Review

    Full Featured and Yet Compact:
    Bat-Caddy brings you the X3Electric Golf Caddy Cart with more features, improved functionality and better performance. Check out the new upgrade of the super light, compact and environmentally friendly 20Ah Lithium-Ion battery with triple time the charging cycle life time and this cart gives you a minimum of 45 holes per charge and the Lithium Charger is included. You get a quiet, but powerful motor of 200 Watts and 12V DC electric motors. The Rear Wheel Drive includes both rear wheels and is propelled by a steel gearbox and axle. This design assures that the cart does not lose traction going uphill or will not spin the front wheel while lifting or turning. While the cart is in Off-Power mode the X3 becomes completely freewheeling to allow you to push the cart if the battery ever runs out completely. For making maneuvering easier there are the Large Diameter Rear Drive Wheels that are great for better traction on the course. On wet inclines the wheels work great and to lessen vibrations and better turning ratio the rear wheels have a larger diameter and concave rubber tread. The X3 models come in 3 awesome frame colors of Space Silver, Matte Black, and Glossy White with mix matching wheels in Silver, Black or White with Yellow inlays

    The Bat-Caddy X3 offers various advanced features. You will find the Score Holder a hand accessory in a convenient location. For those cloudy days you will find the Umbrella Holder very handy. With the heat, there is the Beverage Holder to keep you cool and refreshed. Included is the very comfortable seat for that quick break. Look for quality with Bat-Caddy Logos. Get your Bat-Caddy X3 Electric Golf Caddy Cart today at an incredible price!