BagBoy Quad Plus Push Cart Review

    Amazingly Folds in Seconds:
     BagBoy brings you the Quad Plus, which is the latest in stability and simple two-step folding technique. This simple designed Easy two-step fold allows for compact storage and makes traveling with this push cart a breeze. The incredible Upper Bag Bracket is designed for cart or stand bags with an adjustable support arm for better stability and to keep the bag from twisting. There is an easy grip Handle for quick maneuvering through the golf course. The bottom base is designed to keep you bag in place on any terrain you may encounter. The four wheels allow you to control the cart better on and off the golf course. You will also find the handle mounted Parking Brake located in a very accessible spot. The BagBoy Quad Plus Push Cart is available in the following color schemes of Matte Black – Silver Accent, Silver – Black Accent, and White – Black – Lime Accent, and the Red – Black Accent, Artic Blue – Lime Accent, and the Orange – Silver Accent.

    The BagBoy Quad Plus Push Cart has various great features to offer the passionate golfer for a more enjoyable day on the course. You will find The Drink Holder a great feature for those hot summer days to help keep you cool and refreshed. There is also a new oversized Scorecard Holder located right on top of the cart for easy access, with a unique Smart Phone Holder as well. Included is a Golf Ball Storage area. On those cloudy days that may turn on you, there is the handy Umbrella Holder for protection against the rain or sun. Be sure to look for the BagBoy Logo for authenticity and durability to last for years to come. Get your incredible BagBoy Quad Plus Push Cart at an incredible price now!