In the uplifting news category, today we’ve learned that golf equipment sales in the United States rose by 8 percent in year-over-year sales-figures as per 2017-2018, after a six percent slump in the previous year.

Great Again: Golf Equipment Sales Rise 8 Percent in United States

That’s pretty amazing, as the last twelve months managed to reverse the six percent slump from the previous year, thus making for a grand-total of 2.5 billion dollars in golf equipment sales. It’s important to notice that golf sales are contributing the most to the US overall team sports equipment industry. Golf equipment sales for women and juniors grew by seven and thirty one (31%) percent respectively. One of the main drivers in terms of retail golf-equipment sales was Nike exiting the industry, thus retail closures and things of that nature made the industry more competitive and also more promotional. Also, almost ten thousand Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age on a daily basis, and since golf is the preferred game or retirees, the golf equipment industry is benefiting greatly from the huge number of individuals retiring every day, folks who suddenly have a load of recreational time in their hands. On top of that, it’s a known fact that the retiree community loves golf, and also loves staying fit/in shape, and what can be better for staying busy, fit and interacting socially with your peers than golf?