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    Callaway XR OS Hybrids Review
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    The Callaway XR OS Hybrids retail from $219,99 (MSRP) and they’re built and designed for providing high launch and extreme forgiveness via the company’s proprietary Hyper Speed Cup Face technology, an industry leading innovation which promotes distance. This baby is long and it would make for the perfect addition for golfers looking for maximum forgiveness from a hybrid. Also, the Callaway XR OS Hybrids complement perfectly the XR OS irons, which are everything (and more) a game improvement stick should be, i.e. forgiving, long and massive fun to play. Well, the hybrids are aimed at bringing those features to your long game too, and that’s great in this writer’s opinion. The OS particle stands for oversized, yet these hybrids aren’t significantly larger compared to the standard XR. Don’t get me wrong, they’re big enough, but they’re not too much if you know what I mean.

    The crown features a matte black finish and the tall face looks just like the XR’s. Basically, if you’re shopping for a bigger hybrid to boost your confidence, the Callaway XR OS will definitely fit the bill. One of the best features of the XR OS in the real world is that almost every shot feels like you’ve crushed the ball, as it sounds like a bomb.The feedback is solid and it definitely seems like these hybrids were designed with higher handicap players in mind looking for more distance and ease of use/playability. The cherry on top is that your shot will get airborne even if you strike like a girl, the same being true with the XR OS irons. If you’re a newbie, I cannot overstate the importance of this feature. Nothing is worse than hitting a grounder, right? The Callaway XR OS virtually guarantees you’ll not get embarrassed on the turf and that’s crucial for beginners.