You Can Now Buy TecTecTec Rangefinders via DICK’S Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy Online Retail Stores

To begin with a short intro for our readers who may not be familiarized with the brand, TecTecTec is a relatively small golf-gear manufacturer based in France, Europe, a company founded relatively recently, in 2014 respectively, and with representation in North America (Houston), Indonesia and Bali. TecTecTec rangefinders are already famous on Amazon, where they’ve already achieved “legendary status” among golf aficionados, due to the company’s tight quality controls, manufacturing prowess and innovative R&D, not to mention its unwavering customer support.

It’s also worth mentioning that TecTecTec is specialized in manufacturing drones, cameras, speakers, security systems and projectors, besides golf and hunting gear, which brings us to today’s news about TecTecTec rangefinders, which are built and designed to compete with the big names in the industry (read Bushnell or Callaway), i.e. they make for highly advanced yet affordable laser rangefinders, which can go head to head with the best in the industry.

The good news for today is that TecTecTec’s latest laser rangefinders can now be ordered by US-based customers via DICK’S Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy websites, including the company’s most popular models, the likes of VPRO500, VPRO500S and ULT-X.

Just to give you a taste, the VPRO500 laser rangefinder from TecTecTec makes for a water resistant and highly accurate (within 1 yard) piece of golf gear, and also an Amazon best seller. The VPRO500 comes with 6x magnification, and it’s capable to lock onto the flagstick from up to 540 yards. There’s also an S variant, the VPRO500S respectively, with the S symbol standing for “slope”, i.e. you’ll also get an optional (and tournament legal) slope function, which can deliver elevation adjusted distances.

You Can Now Buy TecTecTec Rangefinders via DICK’S Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy Online Retail Stores

The ULT-X is the most advanced TecTecTec laser rangefinder in the company’s portfolio, and it comes with TLT (target lock technology), as well as a slope-function, which is a must-have in 2019, as well as high-end optics and cutting edge components, which provide laser accurate (literally) distance readings and exceptional clarity, on par with basically any model on the market, and we’re talking about +- 0.3 yards up to 300 yards.

The director and founder of TecTecTec Renan Lore has said about the new deal, but let us quote:

“DICK’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy are among the most trusted names in athletic equipment and the perfect retail partners for our unique brand of premium, yet affordable rangefinders. With advancements in technology and manufacturing techniques it is no longer the case that golfers need to be spending $500 on a high-quality rangefinder, as our products outperform other leading brands and often cost half the price.”

Speaking of “half the price”, this is actually true, and you can get more information about the issue by visiting Since its inception, the French company’s philosophy was to produce high quality golf-gear (and more) at customer friendly prices, and we’re talking here about laser rangefinders designed with crystal clear multilayered optical lenses, as well as multiple scanning modes, to help with any situation on the “battlefield”. Each TecTecTec laser rangefinder comes with features like Pinsensor, which gives you accurate readings on overlapping targets, such as flagsticks/wooded areas, Target Priority, which delivers the exact distance to the nearest object, or Scan Mode, which provides laser-accurate distances to hazards.