Wilson Staff Duo Urethane Golf Ball

    Wilson has become somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to producing a ball that appeals to both the player seeking more distance, and the one who wants more feel. This low compression (55 compression) golf ball produces above average distance off the tee by keeping the spin low with the driver. At the same time, Wilson uses a cast urethane cover that apparently provides more spin on the short iron shots. (Wilson is one of a handful of manufacturers that uses this technologically advanced material).

  • The World’s Softest Urethane Golf Ball
  • The lowest compression/softest feeling golf balls in the urethane category.
  • 55 Compression, 3-piece cast construction.
  • Small, low compression core provides soft feel on short iron shots.

  • Inner Mantle Layer:DuPont HPF inner mantle layer increases ball speed for maximum distance.
  • Cast Urethane Outer Cover:Soft, thin cast urethane cover provides more spin and control on approach shots.
  • New Dimple Pattern:362 dimples in a new seamless pattern contribute to added distance.
  • In what seems to be a common theme in the golf industry this year, manufacturers are trying to multi-task with their golf balls. The Duo Urethanes’ claims of lower spin with your driver producing added distance while creating more spin with your shorter irons is being echoed by golf ball manufacturers across the board. It only makes sense that if one manufacturer can do it, then why not all of them?

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