Why Getting Fit for Golf Clubs is Important

With the rapid advancements in the technology of golf equipment, it has become essential to be fit for your clubs. If you want to get the absolute best performance out of your equipment, visit your local golf professional and ask to be fit. The golf professional will first ensure that your clubs are the correct length for you. For taller players, they may need an extension in their shaft in order to properly set up to the ball. Next, they will determine which club head best suits your abilities. For example, deciding if you should be playing irons with that are forged or maybe irons that have a cavity. In addition, the golf professional will also determine which shaft is best for you which is one of the most overlooked factors in determining your clubs performance in relation to your swing..

Many golfers share a similar mindset that they are not good enough to be fit their golf clubs but this could not be farther from the truth. Even as a high handicapper, your swing has specific details that will be the determining factors when choosing which club type and shafts are correct for you. Every golf swing is as unique as the individual swinging the club and getting fit for your clubs will allow you to get the very best results out of your swing. From driver to putter, there are countless variables to consider when choosing which equipment is the best for you and having your local golf professional fit you will make your choices clear as day.

As mentioned previously, one of the most important aspects to evaluate when being fit for a new set of clubs is your shafts. The shaft of the club does a lot more than connect your hands to the club head, it will play a key role in your accuracy and distance. Every shaft has a peak performance level that based on the speed of your swing so determining which one fits you best will have you seeing your optimal ball flight and allow you to find more fairways.

Before you go out and drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars on that brand new set of clubs, make sure they’ll compliment your swing speed and playing ability. All it takes is for a golf pro to watch you hit a few shots and determine your swing speed and ability. One simple visit to your local golf professional could have you hitting more fairways and scoring lower.