Volvik Takes the World by Storm and Launches First Rangefinder in the Company’s History

Volvik is a company known for their high-performance, multi colored yet affordable golf balls, but today’s breaking news is about the V1. No, we’re not talking about the World War 2 era German-made rockets, but about Volvik’s first-ever laser rangefinder. As a fun factoid, Volvik makes the official ball of the World Long Drive Championships, hence we should expect for the V1 to become the official laser rangefinder of the PGA Tour; joke aside, the Volvik V1 is designed as a multi-functional gadget aimed at helping amateur golfers to improve their game, i.e. to hit their desired target with utmost precision.

Since we’re talking about 2019 technology, the Volvik V1 laser rangefinder comes with a Pin Finder feature and can read/calculate distances from 5 yards to 1200 yards to within one yard accuracy. On top of that, the V1 is water resistant, which means you can use it anytime/anywhere, and comes at a very competitive price-point. Corporate talk aside, the V1 is dirt cheap compared to most of its competitors, despite being a state of the art laser rangefinder built by a reputable company. Basically, we’ve just witnessed the birth of a bestseller, and you can quote us on that.

Volvik Takes the World by Storm and Launches First Rangefinder in the Company’s History

Speaking of cutting edge technology, the V1 also comes with the necessary Slope Compensation function, which is a must-have thing in a modern laser rangefinder. This feature takes into account elevation changes, hence it’s capable of delivering accurate readings from any type of terrain. However, you can switch off the Slope Compensation feature at any given moment, and that makes the Volvik V1 Tour legal by any metrics. The V1 also comes with a large eye piece and the obligatory 6x magnification feature, which delivers crystal clear images of the green, as well as comfort for its bearer. Volvik also threw in their patented ‘Priority First Goal’ feature, a pioneering technology of sorts that allows you to take quick readings to your desired target, whether we’re talking about the flag or a bunker. The V1 can give you distance readings both in yards and meters, and it will announce you when it’s locked on target via a discrete vibration (think Jolt tech).

So, to sum it up, here are the main features of Volvik V1’s laser rangefinder:

  • Pin Finder
  • Slope Compension (can be turned off for competitions)
  • Priority First Goal Technology
  • Dimensions: 105mm x 72mm x 38mm
  • Weight: 125grams
  • Colours: Black, Orange or Mint.