Unique SphereTac Oversized Putter Grip Revealed by Tour Edge

If you’re not familiar with Tour Edge, you must learn that the company was founded back in 1986 by David Glod as a premium golf-gear manufacturer; since its inception, Tour Edge is focusing on providing golfers with technologically advanced and high quality products, which are both affordable and cutting-edge. So, if you’re having second thoughts about Tour Edge, forget about your worries, as the company’s products have seen action in the PGA Tour, the LPGA Tour. Web.com tour and even on professional tours in Europe.

Today’s news is about Tour Edge’s brand new and rather unique SphereTac oversized putter grip, which is built using proprietary SphereTac polymer spheres. If you are wondering what’s up with that, well, the new grip is made using cutting-edge thermal plastic, which is manufactured using a patented technology. The respective technology is derived from an innovative manufacturing process called TPSP or Thermal Plastic Suspension Polymerization. Geek talk aside, this manufacturing process consist of combining a liquid with a monomer (a plastic material of sorts), then by using mechanical agitation (as in mixing), the monomer is forced to polymerize, i.e. to form spheres of polymer, which due to the respective process are perfectly aligned, hence the SphereTac thing.

Unique SphereTac Oversized Putter Grip Revealed by Tour Edge

These “perfect spheres” can be observed in the SphereTac oversized putter grip’s texture as white dots contrasting on the black plastic base. And if you’re wondering about their practical purpose, the spheres literally protect the grip, and also provide extreme tackiness; on top of that, they make for a very resistant grip when it comes to wear and tear, including from elements. And the best thing about this technology is that it’s very cheap to manufacture, and also feather-light, which allowed Tour Edge to create a putter grip that weighs a mere 52 grams. And yes, a lightweight grip is excellent when it comes to maximizing control and feel throughout the stroke. Here’s where the new SphereTac oversized putter grip really excels: affordability and overall performance, i.e. bang for the buck.

Here’s Tour Edge President and Master Designer David Glod on their new product:

“This is a new extremely tacky material that we’ve started perfecting that is similar to the technology used in wide receiver’s gloves in the NFL.

Unique SphereTac Oversized Putter Grip Revealed by Tour Edge

Tour Edge Vice President of Marketing Jon Claffey added:

“Nobody has used anything quite like this before. The closest thing we’ve found in the manufacturing process is the tacky wide receiver gloves. What we really love about it is the tackiness never goes away, even in different weather conditions and over time.”

The best news for our readers is that the new grip from Tour Edge is already available at retailers in North America since May 1st, and speaking of SpehereTac technology, it’s worth mentioning that it really protects your wrists from breaking down during your putts, as its jumbo-size helps with delivering a softer touch by minimizing both head rotation and grip pressure, with the end result being a more pure putting stroke.