Top-Flite Gamer Soft golf ball

    Gain more distance even with slow speed when you use the Top Flite® Gamer Soft Golf Balls. How is this done? The proprietary dimple design maximizes distance, and the durable cover contributes to better than average greenside spin. The Gamer Soft is a 3-piece ball with low compression. That combined with a high resiliency core produce this distance even with a slower ball speed.

  • Explosive distance with superb feel and spin
  • 3-piece low compression construction and high-res core maximizes distance at slow ball speed
  • Soft, thin durable cover gives greater spin around the greens
  • Advanced distance technology – 332 Dimple in Dimple™ Aerodynamics
  • Just as the Bomb, the Gamer Soft is a ball that can address golfers’ needs in both increased distance and enhanced feel. The price point of both of these balls is enticing enough to warrant giving them a try.

    Golf Ball Videos:

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