Tommy Armour Reveals Brand New Atomic Family of Woods, Hybrids and Irons

Even if Tommy Armour is not a big name like Ping or Titleist, this “new kid on the block” company has a respectable and fanatic following, due to their high quality products which play just as good as any on the market. The good news for today is that Tommy Armour recently launched their new Atomic woods, hybrids and irons, and if you’re looking for a new driver, you should definitely give these babies a chance, i.e. don’t allow the lack of big name engraved on your gear to hold you back from a potentially awesome experience. With all these in mind, the latest lineup from Tommy Armour includes irons, woods and hybrids, and each of these little monsters comes with the famous DAT 55 titanium cup face.

If you were wondering why, the DAT 55 titanium alloy is almost 25% stronger compared to regular (as in pure) titanium, and using it results in longer distance and faster ball speeds. And that’s what we’re all looking for in our drivers, right? Also, the new Tommy Armour hybrids and driver are improved via a forty percent bigger carbon crown. Using this space-age material (carbon that is), the company gained ten grams of discretionary weight (as in they saved 10 grams) to be repositioned in order to increase the clubs’ moment of inertia and forgiveness. According to the company’s tech specs, the clubs’ 360-degree aerodynamic design works wonders in reducing turbulence by up to 20% at the crown. The end result of this clever design is a much improved club head efficiency, while the interesting mélange of a cup face made using the state of the art DAT 55 beta titanium alloy and improved design allowed Tommy Armour to create a larger yet thinner and quicker face compared to previous generations.

And speaking of new generations, the new Tommy Armour Atomic Driver boasts an ambidextrous design, as in it’s available in both right handed and left handed options, 9 and 10.5 degrees for the former and 10.5 degrees for the latter. And if you were wondering about the price, the Atomic Driver currently retails for $399 MSRP.

The same story goes for the Tommy Armour Atomic hybrid and fairway woods, i.e. these babies are boasting an ambidextrous design, and cost $229.99 (the hybrid) and $249.99 (the fairway wood), MSRP prices. But wait, there’s more: we also have the Atomic and Atomic Max irons, which arrive with an incredibly thin and light face that’s sixty percent lighter than steel actually. This technological improvement allowed for sixty grams of discretionary weight (tungsten respectively) to be designed into the sole of the irons, thus helping with moving the center of gravity lower and more towards the toe, thus dramatically improving forgiveness.

The cup face is also made of titanium alloy, and it’s actually brazed to the club’s body; this interesting design choice is everything about producing faster ball speed thus more distance, and also saves weight, which further adds to forgiveness. If you’re already sold on the Tommy Armour Atomic Max set, the good news is that you can order it in both graphite and steel options, in ambidextrous designs (both left/right hand), at a cost of $799.99 MSRP. Also, it’s important to notice that Tommy Armour has an exclusive deal with Golf Galaxy and DICK’s Sporting Goods, i.e. you’ll only find these bad boys at brick and mortar stores nationwide.